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  • Best Family Sitcom? 80’s vs 90’s – 10 Years Apart Podcast

    Best Family Sitcom? 80’s vs 90’s

    In this episode Scott and Adam will be discussing which decade had ‘the BEST FAMILY SITCOM, the history of ‘1981 vs 1991’, and if the 1990’s CRYSTAL PEPSI would fly today! On this show, Adam and Scott compare the best parts of their childhoods and argue which decade was better, the 80’s or the 90’s.

  • What Was the Best Family Sitcom? 80’s vs 90’s – Battle of the Decade

    What Was the Best Family Sitcom? 80’s vs 90’s

    What was the best family sitcom for you as a child? It’s the Battle of the Decade, 1980’s vs 1990’s. Scott will give some honorable mentions of some of his favorite family sitcoms from the 1980’s and his favorite choice. Adam will give his honorable mentions and favorite choice from the 1990’s. Then both will argue it out on which decade had the best family sitcom, the 1980’s or the 1990’s?

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